Portrait Gallery 2 Answers

  1. Captain Haddock
  2. Thompson, in The Calculus Affair
  3. Tintin and Zorino, in Prisoners of the Sun
  4. Waiter, in The Crab with the Golden Claws
  5. Tom, the archvillain from Tintin in the Congo, first introduced on page 5, meets untimely demise on page 48, name mentioned on page 51. [Thanks to Paul McClelland for this answer.]
  6. Pablo, in Tintin and the Picaros
  7. Thomson, in The Calculus Affair
  8. A policeman (Chief of Police?) in Jauga, in Prisoners of the Sun. [Thanks to Henrik Smulter, Finland]
  9. Chief of Airport Police in Szhod, in The Calculus Affair
  10. Commandant Thorpe, from the original version of The Land of Black Gold. The scene appears at the top of page 19 of the American 3-in-1 edition, with an Arabic military man. [Thanks to Etienne Chevalier, Brussels, who also supplied this link.]
  11. Colonel Fuad, in Cigars of the Pharaoh
  12. Chief Police Inspector of the port city of Callao, Peru, in Prisoners of the Sun
  13. Fakir in The Blue Lotus
  14. Dawson, Chief of Shanghai Police, American Sector, in The Blue Lotus
  15. Gibbons, in The Blue Lotus
  16. Captain Haddock’s landlady, in The Secret of the Unicorn
  17. Kavarovitch, a Syldavian secret agent with amnesia, in King Ottokar’s Sceptre
  18. Mrs. Finch, Tintin’s landlady in The Secret of the Unicorn
  19. Thompson and Thomson in Destination Moon
  20. Military officer in Gaipajama, in Cigars of the Pharaoh
  21. Snowy
  22. Tintin
  23. Dodi Wang, in The Blue Lotus
  24. Dr. Midge, one of the seven archeologists in The Seven Crystal Balls. See Who’s Carling?
  25. Basil Bazarov, Korrupt Arms, GMBH, in The Broken Ear
  26. Old Man in Pub, in The Black Island
  27. The security officer whom Calculus hangs on a coat hanger while Calculus is “acting the goat” in Destination Moon. [Thanks to Abhijit Dixit for this answer.]
  28. Madam Yamilah, in Seven Crystal Balls
  29. Ragdalam the hypnotist, in Seven Crystal Balls
  30. Müller, in Land of Black Gold
  31. Cuthbert Calculus and Pendulum
  32. Big Chief Keen-eyed-Mole, in Tintin in America
  33. Captain Wizskitotz, in King Ottokar’s Sceptre
  34. Madame Wang, in The Blue Lotus
  35. Bohlwinkel, in The Shooting Star
  36. R.W. Trickler, Representative of General American Oil, in The Broken Ear
  37. Corporal Diaz, in The Broken Ear
  38. Fred, the Museum of Ethnography janitor, in The Broken Ear
  39. Tintin in Wadesdah, in The Red Sea Sharks.