Tintin, an adventurous young reporter, has delighted young and old alike since the 1930s. Translated into more than 50 languages from its original French, the comic series is an international phenomenon. Georges Remi, who used the pen name Hergé (RG), was a French-speaking Belgian.

The Tintin Trivia Quiz is 28 years old, having debuted in 1996. We tried to make a Tintin trivia web site that all Tintin fans can enjoy, no matter how old or young, experienced or new to Tintin. The site includes a written quiz and several visual quizzes. Some quiz questions are for beginners and some are for Tintin experts. We have included a few truly trivial questions only a Tintin professor could love. We hope the quizzes inspire you to read and reread The Adventures of Tintin—and to appreciate what you can learn about any subject by careful reading and diligent research.

Tintin in Tibet, Tibetan translation.

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Many Tintin fans have sent e-mail to The Tintin Trivia Quiz over the years. We thank everyone who’s contributed.

Nearly all of the answers can be found in American print editions of The Adventures of Tintin. A few of the visual quiz questions require Tintin books not published in the current American editions. Electronic versions of The Adventures of Tintin contain a new translation.

The Hergé Foundation’s official site is a wonderful resource.

The Adventures of Tintin at Sea is a treasure trove of information about the ships and sailors in the Tintin adventures featuring ships.

A note on page numbering: We cite the American 3-in-1 print editions, and have to calculate the page number. Some page numbers may differ in other editions, but they’re usually no more than a few pages different.