Who’s Carling?

From Peter K. Perkins, Victoria, Canada,

“On page 60 of Prisoners of the Sun, Huaco, High Priest of the Temple of the Sun, releases the seven members of the Sanders-Hardiman expedition from their spell. They can all be identified by appearance or name.

Professor Tarragon appears first in frame 11 (with his characteristic squared beard). Professor Paul Cantonneau, sporting his usual goatee, appears in frame 13, Mr. Peter Clarkson, photographer, is the blond man in frame 15. He and Professor Reedbuck address each other by name. Dr. Midge is the bearded figure in the same frame. He has the wavy hair that distinguishes him from Tarragon. In Frame 14, Professor Sanders-Hardiman appears on the right side. Therefore, he must be speaking to the remaining explorer, Mr. Mark Falconer. And this man looks like Falconer. Why, then, does Sanders-Hardiman address him as Carling?”

Marc Falconer gets more bad news.

In the French editions, Falconer is named Marc Charlet, and Carling appears to be an early substitute for Charlet, which was inadvertently left in this panel after the character’s name was changed. The name Carling has not been changed in the 2017 digital version of Prisoners of the Sun, though the rest of the text differs slightly.

Who's Carling?