Written Quiz page 1

  1. Who is the Milanese Nightingale?
  2. Who is Ranko?
  3. Name three two-volume adventures.
  4. In King Ottokar’s Sceptre, Tintin escapes from a Bordurian frontier post with three essentials. What are they?
  5. What was Captain Haddock’s ancestor’s name?
  6. Who accompanies Bianca Castafiore wherever she goes?
  7. List five ways Bianca Castafiore mispronounces Haddock.
  8. What is the significance of Museum of Ethnography exhibit number 3542?
  9. Why did Thompson and Thomson save Tintin’s life in Cigars of the Pharaoh?
  10. Name the parrot Bianca Castafiore gave to Captain Haddock.

The Captain’s Ancestor

  1. Who became King Ottokar the first?
  2. When does Tintin first meet Alcazar?
  3. Who employed Nestor before the Captain?
  4. Who is “Peggy my dove”?
  5. Name the butcher in Marlinspike village.
  6. Name the Captain’s favorite brand of whisky.
  7. How does Jolyon Wagg make his living?
  8. Name five books Thompson and Thomson appear in.
    Experts name three books they do not appear in.
  9. What is Thompson and Thomson’s motto?
  10. How long have the Thom(p)sons worn mustaches?
  11. What is the khamsin?
Name that song.  
  1. Name the only song Bianca Castafiore is ever heard to sing.
  2. What are two of Tintin’s favorite exclamations?
  3. Give three meanings for “chang.”
  4. What is the national beverage of Syldavia?
  5. Name five epithets the Captain uses. Experts name ten.
  6. Which book takes place entirely in Marlinspike?
  7. Name three ships the Captain commanded.
  8. Name three other ships or boats Tintin sails in.
  9. What does S.S.S. stand for?
  10. What film is Rastapopoulos shooting in Cigars of the Pharaoh?
  11. What is aguardiente?
  12. What are the Captain’s two favorite epithets?
  13. What is Cuthbert Calculus’s hobby in The Castafiore Emerald?
  14. Name three Calculus inventions.
  15. When did Tintin first meet Bianca Castafiore?
  16. What does Snowy say when he barks?
  17. What is the C.C.D.G.A.?
  18. Who discovered the mineral phostlite?
  19. In which adventure did Tintin meet Captain Haddock?
When did they meet?
  1. In which book did Tintin meet Professor Calculus?
  2. What country is the Bohlwinkel Bank located in?
  3. Where was Red Rackham’s Treasure hidden?
  4. Who stole the Castafiore emerald?
  5. What is Rajaijah juice?
  6. What scares Snowy most?
  7. Who are “the guerrillas who’ve sworn to get rid of Tapioca.”?
  8. What is an Araneus diadematus?
  9. Who drinks the second most whiskey?
  10. Beginners name three villains.
    Experts name five.
    Tintin professors name five and include aliases.
  11. What is a “dear little gymnotus”?
  12. What is the national drink of Peru?
  13. What do llamas do when they are angry?
  14. What is a “gazza ladra”?
  15. What are Syldavia’s chief exports?
  16. Why doesn’t Professor Calculus use a hearing aid?
  17. What did Captain Haddock say when he found Red Rackham’s Treasure?
Who is this man?
  1. Name the Japanese man first seen speaking to the dustbin diver in the beginning of The Crab with the Golden Claws.
  2. Who was the British explorer who first visited the Arumbayas?
  3. Members of what tribe are the “sworn enemies of the Arumbayas”?
  4. What is the license plate number of Thompson and Thomson’s jeep in The Land of Black Gold?
  5. What is Ridgewell’s hobby?
  6. What’s the registration number of the seaplane Tintin hijacks in The Crab with the Golden Claws?
  7. Translate the following Arumbaya passage: “Owar ya? Ts goota meecha mai ’tee.”
  8. How close did the shooting star come to Earth?
  9. What are the dates of the San Theodoros Carnival?
  10. When does Tintin get drunk?
  11. When does the Captain wear his jersey backward?
  12. When does Tintin wear bell-bottom pants?
  13. What is the official motto of Syldavia?
  14. What is Professor Calculus’s first name?
  15. What is the Captain’s first name?
  16. What is the name of Tintin’s dog?
  17. What does Tintin do for a living?
  18. What are Thompson and Thomson’s two most valuable possessions?
  19. Which story features three birds?
  20. Name the three birds featured in a Tintin book.
  21. What does Alcazar smoke, cigarette, cigar or pipe?
What’s AIRJ?
  1. In which book do Thompson and Thomson win an aerobatic championship?
  2. The plane alluded to in question 78 bears the registration G-AIRJ. What is the significance of the last four letters?
  3. Who became Muskar, the first King of Syldavia?
  4. Name two stories featuring magpies.